It's not much

but it's $HOME


I joined Oracle as Master Principal Solution Architect in 2013, working as a Technology Advisor on enterprise customers in a number of areas such as Microservices Architectures, Cloud Computing, Mobile Computing platforms and Software Development.

I've a solid experience matured in telco providers (Ericsson, Marconi, British Telecom) and in IT firms (Sun Microsystems, SilverStream, EMC, IONA Technologies, BEA Systems, CA Technologies), and worked in Italy and UK with complex software architectures, mission critical environments and real time software design. 

That said, experience is the will to continue.


LinkedIn: /in/gabriele

Twitter: @gabbapro


I'm driven by what I truly love, whether it's technology, music or art. My dream is building things that can make us more human and not less.